overcome marriage problems - coupleI would rather that you were not reading how to overcome marriage problems. I would far rather think that you marriage was a good one and one which was not plagued by problems so serious that you have felt the need to seek help.
But you are here. You are hurting. And you need advice on how to heal an unhappy marriage

  • Don’t despair. – Real help is available, help that has helped thousands of couples experiencing marital difficulties
  • Don’t give up on your marriage. There was a good reason why you decided to marry in the first place and although circumstances change, your marriage remains precious and deserves perseverance – but with the right help you can overcome marriage problems
  • There is an alternative to divorce. – You can rekindle the relationship which you knew and which you so desperately want.

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Don’t Let Your Marriage Slip Away
But do not fall into the trap of waiting; waiting for things to get better; waiting for your partner to change or waiting for your feelings to change. If this is you, then you have your priorities in the wrong order. You have to learn the skills which will enable you to make the changes; changes which will rekindle the loving feelings in both parties and make them want to take action to make the marriage work.

The Good News
Dr. Dana Fillmore is a Clinical Psychologist, an internationally recognized marriage and family expert, and author of “Happily Ever After: How To Be Happily Married To The One You Already Married.” Over the 16-year period of marriage counseling and through StrongMarriageNow.com, she has saved thousands of marriages. She is also renowned for helping couples transform their relationships even when one of the partners had in effect, left the marriage. Dr. Dana recently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network hit show, “Unfaithful, Stories of Betrayal” where she helped Anna and Oscar survive the pain of an affair and heal their relationship.

Dr Dana will also help you with problems such as:
•    Getting Your Partner Back and Committed to Your Marriage
    •    Ending the Pain of a Stressful Relationship
    •    Helping You Move From Being Stuck to Being Positive and Moving Forward
    •    Showing You How to Avoid Common Mistakes that Can Threaten Your Marriage
    •    Finding Solutions Without Having to See a Couples Counselor
    •    Stop your Divorce and Fall in Love again
    •    Reviving the Fulfilling, Loving, Passionate Relationship you So Richly Deserve and Desire

The techniques Dr Dana reveals are thought provoking and have been proven over and over to help save marriages. I am very impressed with both her sound and always helpful advice as well as her impeccable track record. I have recommended “Strong Marriage Now” to everyone I know who is suffering relationship problems.
But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!
I promise you won’t be disappointed, and best of all, it could turn your life around. For a fraction of the cost of a counselor, you can save your marriage!

In the meanwhile…
a) make your partner feel good about themselves,
b) do not speak badly to your partner
c) avoid communication breakdown

And whatever you decide – Please take action now! Your marriage is too precious to allow it to deteriorate any further